Welcome to the world of Bestevaer

Designed by one of the world’s most legendary sailors as his private yacht. Brought to you by KM Yachtbuilders, the leading builder of aluminium expedition yachts up to 100ft.

Bestevaer Yachts


A family of go-anywhere yachts for go-anywhere people. The Bestevaer is both strong and beautiful, and offers outstanding sailing qualities in the harshest of circumstances. The Bestevaer S/Y 45 was nominated for European Sailing Yacht of the Year.


Inspired by its iconic Bestevaer expedition sailing yachts, KM Yachtbuilders proudly presents a motoryacht like no other. With its minimal design in raw aluminium and Scandic design interior Bestevaer motoryachts set the bar for understated elegance. Form follows function, the function being: a go-anywhere yacht offering real comfort in all weather conditions. Where will you go next?


Beautiful, sturdy, and built to last. Work together with KM Yachtbuilders to think up your one-of-a-kind dream yacht based on the unique design principles of the Bestevaer. Size, interior, exterior, rigging, finishing – it is all in your hands.

“Strength, comfort, and
sheer elegance.
The Bestevaer is my definition
of the perfect ship.”

- Gerard Dijkstra

The Bestevaer story

Every yacht we built is unique, and built specifically for its owner. No two yachts are the same, as each owner has his own wishes and demands.