Our collaborations with the best in the business have lead us to establish successful partnerships with the designers and brokers listed below.

Partners of KM Yachtbuilders

[NL] Wij zoeken een partner meubelmaker

Als toonaangevend bedrijf in de jachtbouwindustrie, zijn wij op zoek naar een toegewijde meubelbouw partner voor een langdurige samenwerking. We zoeken een bedrijf die voor ons hoogwaardige meubel mock-ups wil bouwen voor zowel onze zeil- als motorjachten.

Wat kunt u van ons verwachten?
– Complete CNC bouwpakketten
– Gedetailleerde tekeningen
– Hoogwaardige materialen, inclusief lijm en kitsoorten

Wat zoeken wij in een partnerbedrijf?
– Vakmanschap
– Langdurige samenwerking
– Passie voor meubel maken
– Gevestigd in Nederland

Indien u geïnteresseerd bent om met ons een samen te werken aan luxe jachtinterieurs, nodigen we u graag uit om contact met ons op te nemen via: of 0614242180.

Gerard Dijkstra

The legendary racing sailor-turned-naval architect designed his first dream yacht in 1976. Twenty-six years later Gerard Dijkstra thought up the Bestevaer II. What makes a perfect design for the man who can best be described as a romantic adventurer? “Designing any boat is a balancing act between many desirable characteristics and inevitability the end product is a compromise and never perfect in all respects, however the Bestevaer 2 comes close to my ideal.” Gerard Dijkstra, Dykstra Naval Architects

Dykstra Naval Architects

Dykstra Naval Architects brings over 50 years of experience in design, redesign, naval architecture and marine engineering of classic and modern performance yachts and offers preliminary and concept designs for both pleasure and commercially operated yachts.

Van de Stadt design

Van de Stadt Design applies four fundamental principles: speed, comfort, safety and quality.

Collections Yachts

Whether you’re buying or selling, Collection Yachts in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is known for providing a high level of personalized service their clients.

Yachtfull International Yachtbrokers

We are proud of our partnership with Yachtfull International. They are our exclusive broker for the Bestevaer yachts.

YachtFull International Yachtbrokers is a Dutch Brokerage House with over 25 years of continuous experience in the international brokerage industry. With their passion for ships they have already provided more than 1200 ships with a new owner.

Like us, Yachtfull is very aware that every yacht is different and deserves its own approach. This point of view suits our company well and ensures a smooth purchase process.

Are you interested in one of the yachts offered through them? Then feel free to contact the seller Joeri Saly. In a personal meeting he will gladly take you by the hand to discuss the approach and conditions applicable to you.

MacGlide™ fouling

We are very pleased that there is now a more environmentally friendly alternative for anti-fouling and that we have partnered with MacGlide and ZWF.

MacGlide™ fouling protection and release foil offers an environmentally friendly solution – protecting your hull from fouling and saving you fuel.

Wrappers & ZWF

ZWF/Wrappers will be wrapping the ships with the MacGlide foil. This company has a lot of experience in wrapping. As they work accurately and  deliver high-quality work, we are certain that this is the right partner for us.

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Every yacht we built is unique, and built specifically for its owner. No two yachts are the same, as each owner has his own wishes and demands.