Aluminum yachts

Aluminum is our material of choice when it comes to yacht building. It is lightweight, strong, stiff, low maintenance and infinitely customisable.

The best aluminum yachtbuilder

Why aluminum? The short answer is it is the best material to build boats with. The longer answer is that over the past two decades we have come to know the material inside and out. We know its strengths and its weaknesses. And the more we worked with it, the more we came to love its characteristics, its versatility and, not unimportant, its recyclability. Yesterday’s coffee capsule is tomorrow’s sail boat.

We have learned from our customer’s feedback, and have kept improving. Today, our customers come to Makkum from as far as Chile and Australia and our yachts can be found sailing literally from pole to pole. Which gives us the confidence that we are on the right track with aluminium.

Why choose an aluminium yacht?


Aluminum is three times lighter than steel. A lighter hull offers a shallower draught, lower fuel consumption. To sum it up: better overall performance.

Strong and safe

Much lighter than steel (3x) and much, much stronger than composite, aluminum makes it possible to build a yacht that is light, yet strong, and thus safer yacht.

Low maintenance

Contrary to steel, modern aluminum alloys do not rust. Our yachts have a bare aluminum hull, and sometimes even superstructure, for a low maintenance lifespan. And if damage occurs, aluminum is easy to repair. This makes aluminum yachts retain their value over a very long period of time.

Aluminium engineering

Explore the boundless potential of aluminium.

Next to building complete yachts we also engineer parts. From hulls and superstructures, booms and tillers to keels.

Elevate your projects to new heights with our premium aluminium constructions.
Whether you’re envisioning art installations, grand constructions or embarking on ambitious architectural endeavors, KM Yachtbuilders is your trusted partner. Our craftsmen and cutting-edge technology ensure flawless execution, every step of the way.


Next to material characteristics, sustainability is an important factor for us to choose aluminum. Compared to carbon fibre, the production process is cleaner and the best part, aluminum can be recycled and reused. Yesterday’s coffee capsule is tomorrow’s sail boat.


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