The people of
KM Yachtbuilders

The is the KM Yachtbuilders family. With over 100 fine ships to our name, each built in-house from start to finish, KM Yachtbuilders has established a strong reputation as the world’s leading builder of aluminium expedition yachts up to 100 feet.

The heart of KM Yachtbuilders

A good boat will get nowhere without a good crew. The people that build our yachts do it with love, vision, determination and cooperation. Each with their own speciality, but with a shared responsibility.


Just a few of our family:

Albert, Carpentry

Jeroen, Hull Building

Renske, Carpentry

Klaas Pieter, Outfitting

Fekke, Outfitting

Eeuwe Kooi

Eeuwe Kooi, founder of KM Yachtbuilders isn’t your typical CEO of a worldwide successful company. When asked about it, he doesn’t even see himself as a good leader. But he does believe in freedom. “Freedom is not just one of my most important personal values. It’s also the foundation of KM Yachtbuilders. I believe that the more freedom you give to someone, the more you receive.” Looking at KMY’s success, we can safely say Eeuwe’s freedom philosophy works.

Become part of the KM Family

Imagine the sense of pride you would feel if it these were all yachts you’ve actually worked on. Check out our jobs page here.