Visit the shipyard

We’ll gladly welcome you in Makkum for a yard visit. What can you expect when visiting us?

The visit

What to expect? Since our yard is very big, we always try to make sure you don’t miss what you came for, so before start, we’ll have a coffee (or tea) and chat about where your interests lie. This way we can cater the tour accordingly. We usually start in the main construction hall where all the aluminium construction takes place. It’s big, loud and impressive. And before we take the tour outside, we’ll show you the carpentry shop and the outfitting hall, where on any given day you can find us working on 3 – 4 newbuild of refit projects.

Want to visit?

Fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible to plan your visit.

    Outside the shipyard

    Outside, the big crane immediately draws all the attention. But we are also quite proud of our 100m long private quay with 4 boxes for berthing yachts that we work on. You will notice we have plenty of space to take care of your yacht from design to building, maintenance and storage. Right here on the yard.

    We look forward to you call and hope to welcome you in Makkum soon.

    Do you have other questions?

    Do you have any questions about a visit to our shipyard or do you want to plan a visit? Please fill in the contact form.