Icon 48 Leeloo

Icon 48 Leeloo

The owner, a Dutch entrepreneur, had his ship designed by Kees van de Stadt from Satellite Yacht Design according to his own wishes and requirements. With the drawings in his hands he started looking for a shipyard. He decided on KM in the end for various reasons: trust, the opportunity to be involved in the building process, affinity with aluminium and cost-effectiveness.

Kees van de Stadt: “The customer’s first design feature was: ‘Less is more’. This meant that the Icon 48 was to be a true sailing boat, without complicated systems on board.” A casco from Sealium (a special, extra light alloy from aluminium), a stiff, light carbon mast and boom, light building materials and construction methods, a basic interior and a bulb keel with a draught of 2.40m, have contributed to creating a ship which can be sailed swiftly and easily. Suitable for sailing competitions as well as recreational sailing.

  • Designer: Satellite Yacht Design
  • Length: 14,65
  • Water displacement: 10,20 T.
  • Material: Aluminium/Sealium
  • 2011



  • Type - Bestevaer Custom
  • Designer - Satellite Yacht Design
  • Construction year - 2011
  • Material - Aluminium/Sealium
  • Length - 14,65 meter
  • Width - 4,50 meter
  • Depth - 2,40 meter
  • Rigging - Sloop
  • Water displacement - 10,20 T.

Exterior impression

Interior impression