Bestevaer 56 Panta Rhei

Bestevaer 56 Panta Rhei

Bestevaer 56 Panta Rhei

Under construction for a young couple from Germany, this beautiful Bestevaer 56 with centerboard.

The yacht, designed by Dykstra Naval Architects, is sure to attract the attention of luxury yacht lovers with her modern interior, beautifully painted hull and latest technologies.

Although we usually deliver the hull as bare aluminium, the owners of this yacht requested that the hull be painted white. In addition, the carbon mast was also painted completely white. This makes the 56-footer a remarkable and unique appearance. The Bestevaer 56 Namaste has a centreboard and features the latest sailing technologies, such as a fully electric steerable transom flap and a hybrid electric motor with diesel generator. Because everything is made small, light and/or electric, the yacht is easy to operate. The owners, who have a background in design, have mostly designed the interior themselves. This has resulted in a wonderful mix of modern style, comfort and functionality.

The launch is always an important milestone for the yard and the owners, because after working on the yacht for a year and a half, this is the first time she hits the water. After beautiful words from the owners, she was officially christened ‘Panta Rhei’. The name Panta Rhei comes from the Greek sage Heraclitus and stands for ‘everything in motion’. This fits well with the sailing lifestyle where everything is different every day. Ulrike, owner of the boat, says: “Sailing is a way of life and we are so proud to be living part of our lives on this boat in the future, because she is so beautiful, she is gorgeous and she is our new home for the many years to come.”

In the coming weeks, the finishing touches will be made and the vessel will be delivered within a few weeks. The owners will first take her to explore UK waters, then they will set sail for the Caribbean and enjoy the tropical climates.

  • Designer: Dykstra Naval Architects
  • Length: 17,27
  • Material: Aluminium
  • 2023


  • Type - Bestevaer Custom
  • Designer - Dykstra Naval Architects
  • Construction year - 2023
  • Material - Aluminium
  • Status - Under construction
  • Length - 17,27 meter
  • Width - 4,98 meter
  • Depth - 1,90-4,20 meter
  • Interior / Exterior - Modern
  • Rigging - Cutter
  • Keeltype - Variable

Exterior impression

Interior impression