Bestevaer 54 MicMac (prev. Canada)

Bestevaer 54 MicMac (prev. Canada)

Bestevaer 54 Canada

Bestevaer 54 MicMac (prev. Canada)

The construction of the custom Bestevaer 54 Canada started at the end of 2022. Although there is really no standard Bestevaer as all yachts are custom, this is certainly not an average boat.

On the exterior the boat will have an semi-open transom, or scoop, and it is a bit wider than our standard Bestevaer. This creates a larger cockpit and more space for two steering wheels. With this, the customer experiences more connection with the water. The movable arc will support the solar panels and doubles as davits for the dinghy. The owners wanted to be able to dry out, therefore the yacht has a centreboard and double rudders. A smaller third rudder is added for better maneuverability.  In addition, the pilot house gets a slightly more modern look by different lines on the outside. The inside will be a bit of a surprise. A deck saloon has been chosen, so upon entering you step directly into an open space with a large (dining)table and a seperated the navigation table. Another step down will bring you to the galley, the two cabins, two baths and a cozy sitting area.

Her slightly altered appearance might set a trend for a new style of Bestevaer. The open transom and more modern pilot house might appeal to more people.

As with each Bestevaer, this yacht was designed by Dykstra Naval Architects.

  • Designer: Dykstra Naval Architects
  • Length: 16,85
  • Water displacement: 20,00 T.
  • Material: Aluminium
  • 2023



  • Type - Bestevaer Custom
  • Designer - Dykstra Naval Architects
  • Construction year - 2023
  • Material - Aluminium
  • Status - Under construction
  • Length - 16,85 meter
  • Width - 4,59 meter
  • Depth - 1,85 - 3,75 meter
  • Rigging - Cutter
  • Water displacement - 20,00 T.

Exterior impression

Interior impression