KM Yachtbuilders joins CIRCO Track Maritime

We are currently in the process of building the Bestevaer 36. This boat will be produced as sustainably as possible. Partly because of this, we are discovering that there is still much to learn about sustainability and circularity.
We also notice among our customers that sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Where previously only money played a major role, we now notice that the sentiment regarding sustainability is changing. René Feenstra: ‘On the sea, people also see what happens, what kind of garbage is on the beaches. If you use the sea by sailing, you also get more of a feeling that you have to take care of it.’
Therefore we are proud to be the first participant in the CIRCO Track Maritime.
The CIRCO method examines the production process and identifies loss of value so that this loss can be turned into an opportunity. This can not only save a lot of costs and energy, but also strengthens the competitive position by working towards a future-proof business.
Want to read about the Circo track or join too? Then read on quickly: (Dutch)