Bestevaer 53: Through the eyes of the experts

A simple shape and a sharp bow. Beautiful lines. But still, a yacht that is extremely comfortable under all weather conditions. Apart from its singular design, the Bestevaer 53 M/Y offers a phenomenal boating experience and is ideal for exploring coasts, rivers, lakes, and cities in all weather conditions.

The Bestevaer M/Y is the end product of uncompromising craftsmanship and quality. Understated in its presence, yet so abundant in its offerings. Each detail has been considered and perfected ensuring a carefree experience for its owners. The result is a yacht that is filled with intelligence in every aspect of its design.

Experience true comfort wherever you may be. The interior of the Bestevaer 53 M/Y is inspired by Scandinavian design and brings you a refined sense of luxury and well-being. Tactile, quality natural materials such as brushed oak, Danish wool and Swedish leather. The many windows bring in beautiful light. And there’s space, space for you to be.