Tom Waes signs contract for construction of Bestevaer 53 SY

Düsseldorf, 22 January 2024 – Belgian TV presenter and actor Tom Waes has signed a contract with KM Yachtbuilders for the construction of his new Bestevaer 53 SY. The contract was signed during Boot Düsseldorf. 

Construction of the Bestevaer 53 SY will start in March 2024. Tom Waes chose KM Yachtbuilders to realise his nautical dream. 

Waes: “For me, there has always been something magical about Bestevaer. The adventure, the quality, robustness and the years of expertise have always appealed to me.” He continues: “The close contact with KM Yachtbuilders employees and being able to customise my ship was the deciding factor. I won’t reveal what I’ll do with it yet, but rest assured, I will be gliding to new adventures. Quite literally.”

KM Yachtbuilders is proud to be involved in this project. The collaboration promises to deliver a ship that not only meets the highest standards of craftsmanship, but is also in line with the environmentally conscious vision of both Tom Waes and KM Yachtbuilders.

The aluminium used to build the ship is 70% recycled. And instead of a diesel engine, it has an electric drive with a regenerating propeller. The interior is made of bamboo, again an environmentally friendly choice. There is plenty of space on board thanks to three cabins and a large storage space in the forward point. The ballasted centre board allows the ship to enter shallow harbours and rivers and even run dry. 

During construction, fans and enthusiasts can look forward to regular updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses shared by Tom Waes and KM Yachtbuilders.