Bestevaer 49 Zenith

Bestevaer 49 Zenith

Bestevaer 49 Zenith

The Australian owners had been dreaming of a new sailing yacht for 10 years. During those 10 years they made a detailed and complete wish list. They were very clear about what they wanted on board, such as full aluminium deck hatches, extra thick rudder stock, oversized anchor and welded-on deck fixtures. They also wanted to be able to steer with a tiller. Following their visit to our Open Day four years ago, we kept in touch with the mainly via email and Skype. The entire process, from sales to construction, took place online. They visited the shipyard once during construction, and towards completion they stayed in Makkum a little longer.

Independence and self-sufficiency are very important for the owners, which explains the presence of features like the large solar panels on the stern and the sufficient water and diesel storage capacity. Doing away with power consumers such as a boiler, refrigerator and electric heating also reduces the need to start the engine to generate electricity. The hull and most of the deck sections are bare aluminium and unpainted to rule out the risk of corrosion and to reduce maintenance.

The interior is a shining example of custom yacht building. The pilot house has been extended one metre forward to create more space and to provide more light below. The galley is J-shaped and spacious with stainless steel worktops and deep, large drawers and cupboards for provisions and cooking utensils so that there’s no need to keep going ashore for groceries. A small diesel heater provides warmth and a cosy atmosphere in colder regions. The owners wish to use bubinga wood for the interior, proved to be a challenge for the carpenters, but the end result speaks for itself!

Read all about the construction process from the owners’ point of view at the Cruisers Forum:

  • Designer: Dykstra Naval Architects
  • Length: 14,97
  • Water displacement: 19,00 T.
  • Material: Aluminium
  • 2018


  • Type - Bestevaer Custom
  • Designer - Dykstra Naval Architects
  • Construction year - 2018
  • Material - Aluminium
  • Status - Delivered
  • Length - 14,97 meter
  • Width - 4,40 meter
  • Depth - 2,10 meter
  • Rigging - Sloop/cutter
  • Water displacement - 19,00 T.

Exterior impression

Interior impression