Launching the second Pelagic 77 ‘ Amundsen’

Last week, we launched the 23.5-metre sailing yacht ‘Amundsen’, built at our shipyard in Makkum, Netherlands. Following in the footsteps of her sister ship, ‘Vinson of Antarctica’, Amundsen is the second hull in this remarkable series. After two years of intensive efforts, this was a beautiful moment where the energy and love of the various teams were tangible. The name ‘Amundsen is a tribute to the great Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen. Constructed with an aluminium hull and superstructure, she features naval architecture by Tony Castro.

Amundsen has a 6.2-meter beam and is equipped with two aluminum masts, accentuated by a distinctive red stripe near her waterline. Inside, she offers a spacious pilothouse and three double staterooms, accommodating up to six guests comfortably. Featuring two carbon masts meticulously designed to evenly distribute her sail area, complemented by manually operable sail systems such as winches and jib rollers.

Distinguished from her sister ship, ‘Vinson of Antarctica’, ‘Amundsen’ is an enhanced iteration with several modifications. Notably, her propulsion system sets her apart, boasting modern, eco-friendly engines aimed at minimizing environmental impact.

Additional enhancements include:

  • Increased standing height within the pilothouse
  • Removal of the centerboard from the fixed keel
  • Integration of two Volvo engines instead of Yanmar engines
  • Expanded engine room capacity

These modifications, alongside numerous other minor details, contribute to Amundsen’s exceptional performance and environmental sustainability.

Team effort
This project represents the collective effort of an incredible team, united by a shared spirit of adventure and a dedication to innovation and sustainability.

Team Pelagic 77 ‘Amundsen‘:
Shipyard: KM Yachtbuilders, Netherlands 
Representative: Skip Novak, Pelagic Yachts, United Kingdom 
Vinson of Antarctica: 
Architect: Tony Castro Design, United Kingdom
Supervisor: Peter Wilson, MCM Newport, USA

Eeuwe Kooi
, founder of KM Yachtbuilders:
This project represents the collective effort of an incredible team, united by a shared spirit of adventure and a dedication to innovation and sustainability,

Both Skip Novak, the renowned ocean sailor and commercial director of Pelagic Expeditions, and owner Nicolás Ibáñez Scott, a Chilean entrepreneur and adventurer, were also present during the launch. Skip Novak explains the idea behind the second Pelagic 77
Amundsen: The decision to build a sister ship for the Vinson of Antarctica was based on the success of this design concept. This yields valuable projects that contribute to education for schools in Chile and Spain. These include a north-south crossing of the Atlantic Ocean to the southern hemisphere, where the Vinson now calls South America its home territory.

Nicolás Ibáñez Scott adds the vision and values for Vinson of Antartica and Amundsen:
“In an era where much of the world has been mapped and explored, Amundsen’s journeys remind us that the true essence of adventure lies not just in discovering new places but in the courage to dream, to dare, and to embark on journeys that test our limits and expand our horizons.”

Sailing area

Amundsen will operate in the waters around the Arctic. In 2021, the Vinson of Antarctica set sail from the shipyard first to Spitsbergen to support a German geological team there. However, it swiftly became evident that further tasks awaited in the northern hemisphere, spanning climate research, film assistance, and journalistic endeavors. The geographical scope is broader than in the southern sector, but with a shorter season. Now, the Amundsen is poised to undertake this crucial mission in the northern reaches.


Length Overall (LoA): 23.50 m

Waterline Length (LwL): 20.55 m
Beam: 6.20 m
Draft: 2.15 – 4.30 m

Material: Aluminum
Engines: 2x Volvo
Mast: 2x Axxon, carbon fiber
Interior: Bamboo
Capacity: 8 guests and 3 crew members