Bestevaer 45 ‘Anorak’ Christened on the Longest Day of the Year

In collaboration with our central brokerage agent, @YachtfullInternational, we successfully sold the Bestevaer 45 ‘Alias’ to new owners. On June 21, the longest day of the year, the yacht was christened, and her new name, ‘Anorak,’ was unveiled in a heartfelt ceremony attended by family and friends of the owners.


About the Yacht:
Unlike typical yachts designed to accommodate many people, the ‘Anorak’ features an owner’s cabin at the fore and a guest cabin aft on the starboard side. The port-side cabin has been thoughtfully converted into a storage space, complete with handy compartments for food, tools, and other essentials. This setup ensures optimal use of space, catering perfectly to the owners’ needs.

The Bestevaer 45 PURE ‘Anorak’ is equipped with a fixed keel and a wheel for steering, embodying the robust and reliable design principles that Bestevaer yachts are renowned for.

We wish the new owners fair winds and safe journeys as they embark on many exciting adventures aboard ‘Anorak’. Stay tuned for more updates from KM Yachtbuilders!

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